Global Stix Pte Ltd

A home grown company in building materials, specializing in designs and manufacturing in Architectural and Interior Décor Materials, crafted and finished with our in-house proprietary process, state-of-the-art finishing techniques, a trade secret founded and invented in Singapore. (An innovation that is excellent in cost reductions, less manpower, fast turn-around, innovative and impeccable.)


In pursuit of perfection and to sharpen its competitive edge, we found new and creative ways to finish our products in different interpretation. Instead of focusing on cost-savings, we demonstrate its simplicity, yet priceless master piece in our collections.

We aim to differentiate ourselves from others by providing customized, designer’s product with niche materials and finishes that complement architectural and interior décor, optimizing aesthetically and most importantly, affordable to all.

Our cutting edge technologies, Eco and user friendly for instance, transform products, into dazzling and appealing colors, simulating precious metal looks, eg: Anodize, Mirror Chrome, Nickel, Gun Barrel Colors, Bronzing, Brass Antique finishes, etc… on wood, plastics, metal, glass, leather, fabrics and many other substrates applicable to exterior and interior.

Inspired and driven by vision, Global Stix brings concepts to life. The diverse collection that unites innovations that stretches the boundaries, aesthetical, evolving and transform modern lifestyle living in dream homes.

Our superiority in product design and color styling, an in-house proprietary processing technique, enables Global Stix to produce niche products and services widely recommended and used by architects, designers, consultants, hotel owners, developers, commercially and home owners and are well accepted globally. Other services, also includes customization, ODM and supplies to hospitality projects, contracts, distributions, agents and dealers...

Our comprehensive range of products includes, new series, “ fashionable, stylish and trendy “ mirrors, wood & timber flooring, levitated design, a limited edition that’s been launched in many countries. It’s designs, patterns and colors schemes, personally tailored, suits lifestyles products used widely by many in the world.